When I get home from Montenegro I need to launch a search for my EHIC card.  I’ve gone through my wallet and my “important cards” packet (the latter holds things like hotel status and airline status proof) and can’t find it.

In the immediate future that isn’t an issue.  Montenegro has reciprocal healthcare provision with the U.K. on an emergency basis only and doesn’t recognise EHIC.  My insurance covers other health issues, except for little things like cancer and related complications.

But the EHIC card is important.  I’d already decided not to wander into Croatia, but had something happened there I’d be covered.  I definitely had the card in Bratislava.  And I definitely need one for a Chile trip that includes time in Italy and Spain.

My concern is that I don’t for the life of me know what I’ve done with it.  Maybe in the spirit of leaving my glasses in Slovenia I’d previously deposited my EHIC card in my large Slovakian apartment.

Perhaps there’s an Eastern European self harming himself and wandering around EU hospitals seeking free treatment in my name.

It’s something I do need to sort.  Even if my main health plan is get myself to the nearest plane home.  There are all sorts of potential happenings that scenario won’t always be possible.

The Bay of Kotor