I’ve only been here a few hours and the extent of exploring has been to find eggs, bacon, bread, butter, milk and corn flakes.  That said, although my location may not boast shops and restaurants within walking distance it’s views are spectacular.

The Adriatic Sea snakes inland to form a bay that is the most beautiful I’ve seen.  Cliffs.  Forest covered mountains.  Crystal clear water that is so still it doesn’t even hint at lapping against the shore.  Turn around and a church sits high up on a hillside overlooking the glory beneath.

I’ve only got two full days here.  While I’d pondered a trip north to Croatia and Dubrovnik the roads are scary as hell.  I’ll visit Kotor itself tomorrow before deciding what to do on Tuesday.  A winding mountain drive has been recommended but despite having a fairly good driving record I’m really not sure Bondesque hairpins are what I want.  Even if the views are as spectacular as promised.

For now, early night.

Montenegro Motor Madness