There’s a lot to be said for being an island with little in the way of built up areas.  I’ve always preferred nature to town and the sweeping beaches of this Welsh outpost are impressive, as is the seemingly endless countryside.

I’m expecting to see even more of the place today and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.

After the Beaumaris catch up yesterday my eye played up so I lost an hour tr two before getting out to a meal in a nice restaurant overlooking the Menai Strait.  The two bridges crossing the Strait are impressive structures and I photographed my favourite above.

The evening saw me ignore Leicester’s Champions League efforts to sit under the stars in my sister’s hot tub.  As ways to relax and forget about things it was pretty good going.

Today sees me get a more detailed tour if the island before heading home.  Or I may chance my arm and sneak to extend her hospitality for the night and invoke the emergency socks and undies before heading back to Yorkshire.

There is talk of her cutting me a key and giving me access to the place whenever she’s not there.  And if I’ve not got other trips planned I’m certainly not averse to the idea.

When Your Sat Nav Doesn’t Know Where Beaumaris Is