The sat nav is a wonderful thing. Sometimes. But after getting in the car and heading to Beaumaris for a hot lunch date, with Mark and his better half, I discovered that my sat nav didn’t recognise the town. Or even the existence of Anglesey.

So I adopted a novel new navigational strategy to complete the 25 minute drive from mobile mansion to seaside tea rooms. Follow the road signs.

And it was working well until I got to the outskirts of Beaumaris to discover that although it’s too small for my sat nav, there’s a bit more there than just a castle and my tea shop meeting point.

A small sense of panic set in, not helped by oncoming traffic blocking the road. I took a random left turn and encountered a truck unloading as numerous cars overtook it, leaving me blocked in. Eventually another left turn and a gold dust disabled parking spot.

I grabbed it. Parked up. Displayed the blue badge. Reached for my phone and checked on Google Maps to find out where the tea rooms were.

“Distance 0 yards”. Eh? Baffled, I got out of my car, locked it up and spotted a lady waving at me from inside the shop I’d parked outside. Yes, I’d magically found the only parking space for miles around was right outside the agreed meeting place.

Nice chat. Nice scone. Nice little town.

Chilling in the Top Left Hand Corner of Wales and Learning How to Spell Complicated Welsh Names