I’m a little disappointed with myself.

For the New England trip in June I’d made the decision to check in to hotels on the hoof having negotiated a room rate at the desk.

The idea being that it allows for more flexibility in the route and saves money because I’m so good at negotiating.

In the end I’ve decided that the relatively short distances between planned locations, especially when compares to South West USA, don’t really justify a need for flexibility.  And my experience of negotiating stuff in European markets only had one success.

So I’ll take some time later to book 14 nights accommodation using a mix of methods.  Including redeeming two free nights with my old friends hotels.com.  Utilising a “double free nights offer” with them targeted at my most expensive stay.  And also kicking us off with a posh Hilton somewhere near Salem where my gold status will secure a room upgrade and free breakfast.

I’ve got a mixture of the motel, the B&B, the rustic beach front hotel and more lined up.  And most drives between accommodation come in at less the two hours which means that the strain on me is minimised and any sight seeing is done on our feet rather than being wowed from behind the wheel.

Does anybody remember bring scared witless by Salem’s lot in the late 1970s?  We’ll be checking it out!

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