When I took the attitude of “screw worrying about dying, do something positive” I wrote down a list of UK attractions to see.  Among them is the Giants Causeway.

While things like London Zoo, Stonehenge and a chippy in Whitby have all been ticked off the Northern Ireland option keeps getting shelved.  Usually because I can fly somewhere else for less on the dates I want to travel!

Having spent most of my working life alongside people based in Ulster, and even recruiting a handful on behalf of my employer in years gone by, I received a subtle Facebook reminder that there are people and places to see on the Emerald Isle.

And despite Flybe continuing to charge stubbornly high fares, an early May trip has been booked.  And it’s one that plays merrily with my “chase the bargain” approach to life.

While the value returning to me is small, my Flybe booking will generate a TopCashback commission and a modest amount of Avios.  And I can use my Priority Pass free access to airport lounges in both Leeds and Manchester.

My car hire booking includes a 10% discount code, a 2% British Airways TopCashback commission and will generate over 900 Avios.  Something of a triple whammy on a £41 bargain.

The afternoon I land will involve visiting a couple of places in Belfast before meeting friends.  I’d better take my blue badge with me to avoid parking issues.  Then a short drive north to pick up an out of town Holiday Inn Express paid for with points.  My Luton Airport night pre-Ljubljana combined with an “Accelerate” promotion that I’ve successfully gamed has generated just enough points to get me an Antrim freebie that includes breakfast.

And finally a B&B via Hotels.com that will trigger 8% refund via TopCashback and 0.2 free nights.  The best part is that although the room should cost £70 a night they’re only charging £35 for single occupancy.  Another triple whammy of bargain with rebates!  Looking forward to my traditional Irish breakfast.

That north coast looks rather good too.

Next Stop: Montenegro