A short stop as I headed to the east coast was a lay by opposite an extraordinary geological feature.  After muttering my irritation at having to pay £2 to park (that blue badge has begun to give me a sense of right to a freebie that doesn’t always exist) I crossed the busy road to view something that, in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors, reminded me of the Arizona desert.

Well not quite.  But the last time I’d seen a hole anything like this was in Arizona.  The Barringer Meteor Crater.  A phenomenal hole smashed into the ground by an object from outer space.

Typical of the Americans to show off the dramatic that was created in a fleeting moment.  Yorkshire’s version has taken millions of years to evolve with underground spring water the cause.  Slowly undermining the rocks bit by bit causing a slow motion sink hole that continues to deepen.

It’s a remarkable scene.  I’d love to have walked around it but the body wasn’t up for such an effort.  A few minutes of wonder on a breezy afternoon reminding me that we are just a fleeting moment on a planet that’s been around for much much longer.

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