The biggest problem with my physical state at the moment is the ability to stand up or sit down quickly.

My spine doesn’t appear to support the motion, even when a rare Oldham Athletic attack looks like yielding an unlikely goal.

It’s not that I can’t stand up.  I just need to take my time.  And the longer I’ve been sat down the more likely it is to be painful.

It’s frustrating and I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that this is going to be as good as it gets. Low car seats are an issue, but then so are high ones. If the guy next to me in the window seat on the plane needs to pay a visit he has to wait an extra few seconds more me to haul myself up. If I’m paying a longer visit myself and there’s no disability handle it’s hard work getting off the loo too!

While I don’t see myself as an unkind person, there’s no doubt that in my recent past I’ve muttered to myself in frustration at old people walking slowly in front of me.

That’ll teach me!  Maybe I need to be more patient with myself as well as others.

I Don’t Get Schengen Exit Passport Checks