Friday saw me head off to my GP surgery with a form from my insurance company.  Although little of my treatment has come from my local doctor Friends Life ask for the GP to complete the form and the questions asked should be answerable there.  My guess is that when its returned to them they’ll approach my oncologist for further information about the progress of my disease.

The receptionist at the surgery grabbed my large envelope, asked me to wait and trotted off to where one of the doctors appeared to be sat.  She returned a minute or so later asking “will you be paying the fee for this?”.  A moment of silence before she chirped up with “it’s £105”.

A pale expression fell across my face.  The non-Bell’s Palsy side drooped equally turning me into some sort of further deformed gargoyle.  What seemed like an age passed while I considered violence, shouting, throwing myself to the floor claiming pain from my cancer to gain sympathy and hoping to save £105.

Then a more rational moment.  “Please will you invoice the insurer”.  She immediately agreed.

Something tells me this slam dunk insurance claim isn’t going to be settled quickly or easily.

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