Saturday is usually a busy day for me.  Important things like Chris, football and Toby Carvery tend to hold my attention.  Less blogging, more living.

So here’s a summary of the blog over the last few days.

That Humbling Moment When Somebody Chooses to Raise Money in Your Name tells you about Nick’s efforts to raise money for the Roy Castle Lung Foundation.

My barber cut he to shreds and I drove $7,500 of drugs into Liverpool.

I ranted about the madness laid out in a typical hotel room and then scrapped plans to change a hotel booking due to my contemp for credit card surcharges.

Finally, for spending £750 that I always intended to spend, I got A Free £329 Hotel Room!

Lots more going on and if you click on the <home> button at the top of the page you’ll be able to see everything.

Thanks for reading.