After a blood pressure scare a couple of years ago, I made an amazing discovery.  Eating less and exercising more makes you lose weight!

Indeed, I lost a total of over seven stone in that period including a nine month period on Weightwatchers that saw 70lbs disappear.  The local charitable clothing collections have had a decent run out of me.

The formula was simple.  Porridge or weetabix for breakfast, plus a banana.  Boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and salad for lunch, plus a banana.  Anything for tea.  No snacking.  Diet drinks.  No sugar in tea.  Walk three times a day for 30 minutes a time.

Back pain restricted the walking.  Back surgery and a possible cancer diagnosis led to comfort eating.  Not being in work meant less time moving around.  Each time they weigh me prior to my oncologist appointments I’m a little heavier.

Now in cancer land they like a patient who can put on a bit of timber.  As long as it’s not a huge tumour it suggests you’re responding well to treatment.  But while I’ve only added a fraction back of the weight previously lost I do want to reverse the upward trend in a healthy way.

Getting the single minded passion back to lose weight again is currently an elusive thing.  But I do want to be as fit as possible for Ljubljana, New England, Chile, Australia and any other trips I line up.

Hopefully I’ll hit the zone soon.  Walking isn’t as easy as it once was.  Easter might be a challenge!  Food intake is the key.

Rucksack Hate