In a moment of excitement a few weeks back I booked £38 return Wizz Air flights from Luton to Ljubljana in Slovenia.  I like to think that my knowledge of world capitals is good.  But until 48 hours before making the booking I’d never heard of the place!  It does look rather interesting though.

Today I got around to paying some attention to this trip.  I’ve already booked a hotel in the centre of town.  They’ve offered to collect me at the airport for €35.  I’ll risk the two hourly bus service for €4.

In my excitement I rather overlooked the joys of a Saturday evening post-match drive to luxurious Luton.  The overnight hotel price isn’t great but it is acceptable.  The good news is that it’s cheaper to leave the car there than on official airport car parks.  Ten minute walk to/from the terminal with a courtesy bus option looks good.  No need for a hotel breakfast as the Priority Pass lounge access should provide something for free in the airport.

After an hour fighting peculiar online systems I’ve now managed to print off boarding passes for both legs.  They now sit in my folder for the trip.

An interesting feature of Wizz Air is that they have two hand baggage only fares.  I’ll call these “normal” and “satchel”.  £35 will allow me to upgrade to “normal”.  I’ve found an ancient bag bought at an airport in the 1990s.  It measures up to “satchel” size and can fit the essentials of socks, undies, electrical plugs and cables, iPad and trip folder.  What more could the travelling man need?  Ah yes, toothbrush, toothpaste and mini-deoderant.

So what should I do with three full days in a city I’ve never heard of?  The current plan is a free walking tour, leave town on a train to Zagreb for a day (or alternatively Zadar to see the weird sea organ) and then on the final day go and investigate the interesting things that are highlighted in the walking tour.  There’s always a church!  And the Romans hung out in the country for a bit …

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