Quite why anybody would have the idea of creating an oversized swimming pool out of the chemical residue of a geothermal power plant is beyond me. But that’s exactly what the Blue Lagoon is and it’s utter genius.

Sulphur infused heated seawater collected from over a mile down, pumped through a power station and deposited in a shallow hole surrounded by lava.

Having paid for the Premium package it was great to walk past a coach load of Brits and immediately get handed a towel, dressing gown and dodgy size 11 flip flops before heading to the changing area.

I observed the complicated locker system and numerous naked men changing into their swim wear. After replicating the act in public I then caught site of the private changing cubicles. Typical!

Down the stairs to the entrance, hang up towel and robe (the towel was pinched later on), and step outside into gonad freezing temperatures before stepping into the fabulous warm waters.

Several hours followed that included Silica face mask, algae face mask, Gull beer, relaxation and a fabulous beef tenderloin in the Lava restaurant, while wearing the dressing gown, that, frankly, is as good a steak as I’ve ever eaten and I highly recommend taking it medium!

It isn’t cheap. It isn’t really naturally occurring. But the Blue Lagoon is superb and a must do. Short stays are possible. Long stays are worth it!

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