The simple answer is very expensive!

But if you’re sensible with restricting meals to one course and minimise the purchase of just about anything other than the essentials it’s certainly a nation worth visiting.

Food seems to come in at around double what I’d expect to pay in the UK.  And isn’t very good.  A hamburger, chips and Coke is £11.  Fish and chips restaurant meal £22.  Large pizza £24.  Steak and chips around £35.  Coke in a restaurant £3.  A glass of wine £8.  Not a place to visit and get wasted!

The nearby Netto isn’t cheap either although fizzy drinks are better priced than you’d expect.  It doesn’t sell booze.  That seems to come from the liquor store which wraps its products in brown paper bags.  Think £15 for a bottle of merlot.  £35 for 70cl of Baileys.

It’s not a country where the culinary is special.  Don’t waste time on fancy food when there’s so much more you could be doing with your time!

Petrol £1.60 a litre.  Fridge magnets £7.  Locally made blanket £100.  Woolly hat £30.

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