Since my diagnosis I have pondered doing something to support a cancer charity.  In recent years I’ve donated to most Justgiving emails that have crossed my work laptop, albeit modest donations most of the time.

While some have generously described my approach in this blog as inspirational, the truly inspirational people are those who have gone out and done something to actively raise funds.  A special mention to those who do it while suffering from cancer and those who do it after recovery.  Genuinely amazing.

I’ve decided, however, not to do anything at this point in time.  I’m taking some “me time” to travel and there is a little tiredness around that.  The links below will help you to donate.  Remember the Gift Aid box!  As and when the miracle cure comes along, I’ll change my approach and do something more than just travel and blog.

I have set up direct debits with Gift Aid to two charities.  The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Centre have already helped me out with questions around my medication in a way that my local oncologist couldn’t.  They are the centre of expertise for lung cancer research in the UK and if you feel moved to do something on my behalf then I’d encourage you to prioritise this.

I think it’s fair to say that my Macmillan Nurses have put a more human face to cancer than would have happened without them.  For me I’ve been able to text them to chase a couple of things up or to find out if an insurance company has been in touch.  Nothing major in the great scheme of things, but easier than having to ring a switchboard and go through normal hospital bureaucratic joy.  They also organised transport to and from appointments when I was unable to drive.

While I’m plugging support for the former Record Breakers presenterRoy Castle, there’s something ironic about my friend and work colleague Ed Wood entering the Guinness Book of Records this month.  Ed has raised nearly £10,000 for the main Prostate Cancer charity by attending a league match at all 92 English league grounds (plus Berwick Rangers) in 189 days, knocking an impressive 48 days off the previous record.   You can donate here to recognise Ed’s achievement.   I have!

Charitable activity and charitable giving is often a very personal thing.  If there are other causes you feel are more appropriate to donate to just take a moment or two to seek them out and give something.  Or select a link above.  Thanks.

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