Well I was a bit bored.  Malta has been and gone.  Bratislava and Iceland will be out of the way by the second week of March and then what?  Nothing until first class flights to Boston in June.

“Exciting” news on the first class thing.  At the time of booking our connecting BA flight from Manchester to London was a one class thing where you have to pay for food and drink.  While at least you can purchase M&S Percy Pigs as part of that service, it’s not exactly a first class experience.  BA are about to announce that our booking will be upgraded to their new Club Europe service for domestic flights.  That means we’ll get fed and watered for free at the front of the plane.  Given that flight time is about 35 minutes they’ll have to serve us quickly!

Anyway, the new booking.  Somebody sent me a link to “ten cities tourists often forget” this morning.  A couple I’ve done.  A couple I don’t feel like doing.  But I checked the football fixtures for the end of March and there’s definitely a gap.

So I’m off to Ljubljana for four nights.  No, I’d never heard of it either.  But it’s in Slovenia.  And also throws up the opportunity to get the bus to Zagreb, admire the countryside and spend a few hours in Croatia.

Flights and hotel are booked.  My first Luton Airport experience.  My first Wizz Air experience too!  And the airports at both ends will allow lounge access on the new AMEX charge card I’ve been accepted for.  Some early value for my £450.

I need a hotel at Luton Airport as it’s an early flight.  That’ll do me for £60.  And the bus from Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana, while only €4.10, seems to be a very rare thing on a Sunday.

The other big crisis is that I’ve run out of clear wallets to store all my trip documents in.  A trip to the pound shop might be in order.