Wel it’s a charge card to be precise.  American Express Platinum Charge Card.

It’s something I’ve been aware of for some time, but have dismissed its value to anybody except the most frequent flyer.

But perhaps I’m about to fall into that category.  So will I get value from from what, on the face of it, seems like a rather expensive piece of plastic?

Apply via TopCashback and I bank £38.85.

35,000 points when I spend £2,000 within 90 days.  Those points can be converted to a couple of hotel schemes and also to Avios.  The latter has a direct value of around £235 when used as discount but if I leverage my redemptions well that could be doubled.  Oh, and 1 point per £ spent too.

Family travel insurance.  Particularly useful as my discounted employer cover ends soon when my redundancy is finalised.

Car hire excess insurance which usually costs £50 a year and is due up at the end of June.  I’ll be driving in Chile and Australia so it’s an essential.

A free lounge pass that would mean while slumming it on Ryanair (or other non-business class flights) I could access lounges at my preferred airports of Manchester, Leeds and of course most airports I’m likely to fly home from.  Although you could value this at £20 a flight the reality is that I can sit in a normal departures lounge minding my own business for free.  It could save me a few quid on food and drinks in airports though.

Gold status with a number of hotels.  I have this with Hilton and it’s due to expire.  While I rarely stay in a Hilton they do give golds a free breakfast.  And I do like a cooked hotel breakfast!  Extra points too.  I like extra points.

There are other benefits which are a little less substantial, but overall I reckon I can get enough value out of it.  The key being to cancel it before renewal to avoid paying a second £450 that doesn’t give 35,000 points.  Then wait six months and take out a new one!

Will I go for it?  Not sure yet!

If you wish to apply for an AMEX card, including a ee free one, get in touch and I can sort you out with a referral link that earns us both extra Avios, or use TopCashback.