Tuesday 28th February sees a lunchtime CT scan in Yorkshire.  I had thought Wednesday 1st March involved a lunchtime meal with my old team from work who’ve all been so supportive in recent months.  But I was chuffed to find out that the meal will be in the evening.

This frees me up to get down to the Sixfields Stadium to watch Oldham Athletic take on Northampton Town.  It will be the first time I’ve seen Northampton play there, although a couple of seasons back I did see Coventry play Oldham at the ground during their odd “let’s play home games as far away from home as possible” period.  As newish grounds go it’s a horribly soulless place!

Hotel prices for the area on the 28th are dramatically high.  I nearly cashed in my free Hilton night, but thought that seemed wasteful.  After a little bit of delving around on Hotels.com I found a classy looking bed and breakfast and remembered having a “free” night to redeem.

Alas free doesn’t include VAT but I’m paying £12 for the night, get a cooked breakfast and then have the opportunity to explore Northamptonshire the following morning before getting back to West Yorkshire for the evening with friends.

This does raise a question.  What exactly is there to do in Northamptonshire on a Wednesday morning?