Having packed my usual travel bag for Monday’s escape to Bratislava, it has crossed my mind that I need another bag for the weekend escape to sunny Swindon and Stonehenge.

Fortunately, toiletries for the first trip are all sorted by one of the “free” bags of goodies I picked up flying business class last July.  I might as well use them up or they’ll just sit there looking pretty!  Although last time I stayed at a Holiday Inn I managed to forget my toothbrush and discovered the joy of getting freebies from reception!  An opportunity not to underestimate if you need a new toothbrush and a slither of toothpaste!

Despite having very few belongings in my post-divorce world I do have two very sturdy bags which are good for travel.  The one above has a shoulder strap and slightly more space and is provably good for upto four nights overseas travel.  Which means the weekend option will be an M&S leather incarnation which is really nice and was a birthday gift for work travel a few years back, before they invented video conferencing and decimated my expenses claims!

I do also have a small case on wheels that I’ve never measured.  It’s been good for five night trips but I’ve only ever thrown it into the hold.  I might see if I can find a tape measure somewhere to see if it is suitable for hand luggage!

When I woke up this morning I had the urge to go to the Northampton v Oldham match on Tuesday 28th February.  I was thinking of finding a couple of exciting iconic landmarks in Northamptonshire, an overnight stay and a steady drive home on the Wednesday morning.  It’s in doubt though.  I’ve got a CT scan appointment in the morning, there are no iconic landmarks near Northampton, my initial check of hotel costs reveals some scandalous pricing and I’m meeting work mates the next day.

One to ponder …