Well I might not do the naked thing.  And anybody who’s seen me dance will know that’s probably not such a good idea either.

But next weekend has opened up an opportunity to visit one of the great ancient monuments.  League One has thrown together a fixture of two relegation threatened teams in Swindon v Oldham.  That’s a new ground for us, so has to be done.  Bed and breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express has been booked for £39 and will trigger a tidy number of bonus points on the IHG loyalty scheme.  They’ll go towards a free night somewhere later in the year!

Which brings on Sunday morning and a one hour drive into the Wiltshire countryside to see some big lumps of rock, some of which have fallen over.  I was always fascinated by this place as a child, but have little memory of a childhood visit.  So I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s a first for Chris too.

Now the question is do I pay £90 for the two of us to join English Heritage or just book the standard admission of around £32 for the pair of us.

Decisions …