I’ve got flights booked to Slovakia, Iceland, USA, Milan for Chile, Chile and Australia.

Sometimes these trips can merge into one, or I jump from organising the final detail of one trip to setting up another.  Forgetting exactly where I was upto!

I’m trying to recap to myself what’s still outstanding.  I left it all alone yesterday and today I have other priorities.  Sunday might bring a little more focus!

Slovakia:  I’ve booked a hotel and transfers from the airport.  I need to print out the walking route from hotel to station for my day trip to Vienna.  Google Maps won’t print from my iPad so I might be daring and use Apple Maps.  I’ll decide whether to do a day in Budapest once I’ve assessed how good Bratislava is.  Other than that, sorted!

Iceland:  This is pretty much done.  Hotel booked.  Car hire booked.  Blue Lagoon booked.  Golden Circle planned in.  Key landmarks in Reykjavik identified.  A couple of options for a spare day being bounced about.

New England:  I touched on my night one hotel conundrum yesterday.  Somebody has mentioned a boat trip from airport to city.  I need to investigate this further as it could be quite impressive late at night – I won’t be throwing tea bags in the harbour though.   The car hire is set up from airport and there’s a fee to change it.  Hotel savings won’t be particularly big and a return boat trip has to be factored in.  The rest of the two weeks drive has nothing more than an outline route sketched out.  I’m very close to deciding to wing it on accommodation.  But the instinctive planner in me is a little nervous.

Milan:  I’ve booked the flights from Manchester to Milan that will connect us, eventually to Chile.  I think I’ve booked a hotel in Milan on the way out but can’t remember.  Trains run to and from the airport, so that’s sorted.  Taxi as a backup if somebody’s on strike.  On the way home we’re staying at Malpensa airport for a night.  I’ve not booked that yet!  Or have I?  I definitely need to check my paperwork!

Chile:  We start this trip with a couple of days in Santiago.  Doing what?  No idea!  A walking tour seems like a plan.  Book that on arrival I think.  Flights up to the Atacama desert booked.  Hire car or local transport?  Don’t know!    Hotel booked.  Possible trips identified.  Which company to travel with on those trips?  Don’t know!  Easter Island car hire – needed but not booked!  My hotel has offered to arrange it but I’ve not researched other options yet.  Overnight bus or flight down south?  Not decided!  Car hire, not arranged.  Hotels in the Chilean Lake District not arranged.  Route only an outline.  Do it north to south or the other way around?  Don’t know!  Flight back to Santiago to catch our journey home – not booked as I’m not sure which airport to use!

Australia:  I need to get several days of cricket tickets but they’re not on sale yet.  I’m registered with the Barmy Army web site and never realised its a travel agent, so will get prompted from there.  I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing for three days in Melbourne.  I don’t think Kylie hangs out on Ramsay Street these days.  But accommodation is all sorted.  My numerous internal flights, paid for with Avios, are also all sorted.  I do need to  arrange 20 hours in Doha waiting for a connecting flight on the way home.  Qatar Airways supposedly provide free visa, free city tour and free hotel.  Finding specific information on their web site and getting hold of them by telephone has proved challenging so far.