Sunday sees me head to Malta with the help of a bargain basement Ryanair flight.

Most of my air travel has involved hold luggage.  I remember being particularly offended by Thomas Cook only allowing 15kg for one Canarian adventure.

i have done hand luggage only a year or so ago.  But that was for a single night in Barcelona.  Three nights might be a little more challenging.

So far things are going well.  Electrical cables.  Sat nav.  A selection of snacks to avoid the need to buy an overpriced Ryanair breakfast and mitigate the risk of an island wide food shortage (do they even do shops there?!).  Swimming trunks.  Three pairs of socks and undies.  An additional tee shirt.  Sun hat!  Toothbrush, toothpaste and mini deoderant in the clear bag.  Two of the books my stepson got me for Christmas.  Painkillers just in case my pain returns.

Important things to remember are iPad, reading glasses, driving glasses and afitinib anti-cancer drug.  I do hope the hospital gets them to me before I depart!  Oh, and my file of travel documents neatly printed off together with passport, frequent flyer gold card for Al Italia (I’ve never flown with them but got a status match) just in case I need an emergency flight home via Italy (!) and of course my credit cards.

I travel heavily with plastic.  Fear of system failure means I have at least one Mastercard, one Visa and one American Express.  Across bank brands Halifax, Santander, Barclaycard and Amex are in play.  Along with a Travelex Supercard linked to a cashback credit card.  I’m comfortable only having €12 in cash because at least one of these things must work!

What could possibly go wrong?

i wonder if I can take my tiny pair of nail scissors that I use to cut the surgical tape that I tie down my eyelid at night with (ongoing Bell’s palsy issue)?