As I’m now a gentleman of leisure, I need to ensure I see a bit more of this country.  I live within half an hour of a station that runs into the Settle to Carlisle line.  With the help of a railcard I can turn up on a clear day and do this for less than £20.

At the start of January Oldham’s exit from the FA Cup created a chance to see London zoo.  I’ve always wanted to do it.  First class on virgin trains, a short Uber ride from Euston and a day out was sorted!  The zoo was bang average, but it’s done.

Swindon v Oldham on the 18th February.  This one is huge as both sides do their best to get relegated.  But a £39 hotel room gives an opportunity to do Stonehenge the following morning.  I was young when I last did this and have few memories of it.

I’d hoped to climb Snowden last summer.  It’s just not going to happen though.  But I can get to the top by train, so I will.  No idea when.  If anybody fancies fish and chips in Whitby give me a shout.  I’ve no idea why, but it’s just something that appeals!  Highland rail travel in the summer may be a fun idea too.

I anticipate more inspiration leaping into my head and just getting up and doing things on the hoof.  And bigger trips to see stuff like the Giant’s Causeway, Isle of Man or just spend a couple of days in Devon recalling family holidays.