I’ve woken up early this morning.  It’s a little frustrating as I feel tired and I’ve nothing to do.  I assume my lack of painkillers taken yesterday is to blame.

I am actually hungry for the first time in days and my movement up and down the stairs as I sort out a morning cuppa is more fluid than I’ve enjoyed in months.  I’m excited about getting to 10.30am to take my osimertinib pill.  Hopefully pill four will remove that final feeling of there being something unpleasant on my groin.

I still need to properly judge my walking ability.  The right leg is willing to move but still not too keen on supporting me fully.  While I’m getting around more easily I’m still not at normal speed.  There might be week muscles.  It’s not impossible that the tumour has destroyed more bone and muscle tissue.  I’ve no real way of telling.  I will refrain from anything challenging for now.

My mind wanders to where I can travel.  Oncobabe seems to have ruled out flying, but I’m struggling to find evidence to support this online.  Although I’ve not looked hard.  Winter is approaching anyway and skiing was never on my agenda anyway.  Perhaps a few short uk journeys are in order.  Although the idea of taking on the M6 doesn’t appeal.

For the moment it’s all thought.  Action today is limited to organising painkillers for a short Anglesey excursion.  Assume the worst and take enough with you.  And for crying out loud pack the cancer pills!

Beyond that I can have thoughts and ideas.  But nothing certain until I’ve established my physical limitations in the light of a so far working drug and sought out further medical evidence on Australia.

Hopefully the four days of osimertinib success will stretch on longer than the afatinib did.  The averages online report months of success.  Then my butt pain will return to finish me off.  Better make the most of the weeks ahead!

Will I Be Even More Pain Free Tomorrow?