It’s been a strange day.  Waking up an realising I didn’t need pain relief was joyous.  Walking downstairs with ease more so.  I’m still cautious walking upstairs because the right leg is weak.  Oncobabe has warned of the risks of a break.  And as well as that, the pins and needles remain.  A nerve must still be trapped I guess.

It’s not that everything has cleared up overnight.  There’s still a presence I can feel around my hip / back / groin.  I feel it.  But it doesn’t hurt me.  I feel it, but it doesn’t niggle me.  I am assuming it still impedes my movement, as it’s still awkward to get about.  I’m not ready to go frolicking across the hilltops again, yet.

I’ve done my usual foot bathing routine, soaking them in salty water for ten minutes.  My big toes are a bit of a mess and I need to see my podiatrist to discuss things.  If this cancer drug increases the risk of infection my knackered big toes might not be a good thing.  Despite months of treatment they’re not exactly great.

My GP rang to follow up on her pain relief prescriptions.  I told her they were a bit feeble but I’m dancing pain free today thanks to Oncobabe’s medication.  We agree I’ll contact her when it hurts again.

Bag packed for Anglesey on Sunday night.  Need food.  I’ll get that Sunday.  Cider.  Bacon.  Bread.  Butter.  Maybe some Holland’s pies if they’re on offer.  Perhaps eggs too.  Swim shorts packed for the hot tub.  I’m going in whatever the weather.

Eating has been a problem.  My appetite has diminished massively over the last few weeks.  Even when I start a meal with gusto I rarely get past half way.  Impact of tumour most likely.  Although why it stops you liking food I don’t know.

But my main hope is that today’s massive breakthrough on pain is further improved tomorrow.  I just need to ensure I don’t overdo it.

And I must remember that complications happen and this sudden feeling of ecstasy might not be sustained too long.

Osimertinib – Day Three