Yesterday started well.  I woke up.  I then had a knock on my bedroom door.  Chris opened it.  A real shock because I had no recollection of him having stayed over, until I saw him.

Now I’ve certainly had memory lapses in the past, but this felt overwhelming.  Not remembering telling your son he could stay?  Weird!

In other news I’d agreed for Louise to visit me today.  Contacted her by telling her it was Saturday.  It just wasn’t.

Dave was not with it and was sharing the information well with his kids!  Even today, I’m not quite there.  It appears I had a temperature and some sort of infection. A series of nursing staff started asking me about my weeing abilities.  They’d become “unavailable ” to “run like Usain Boult or you will wet yourself”.

Regardless, I was in hospital, had company and was running a temperature.  Despite which, the bed didn’t feel in any way sweaty.

Breakfast arrived.  Porridge I think.  A trip out from Huddersfield infirmary to the hospital in Halifax to be assessed.  A suggestion that my growing confusion is down to a water infection.  Lovely.  Some IV antibiotics have since followed since my return to Huddersfield.  The body temperature has also moved up to 38.8 Celsius before subsequently reducing.  Good work antibiotics!  Pins and needles in my right leg have subsequently returned which is annoying me.

My thinking has gradually become more measured and less bizarre, so fingers crossed the amount of nonsense I’ve been thinking has reduced.  I’ve certainly suffered more jumbled thoughts in recent days.  They’re still not totally eradicated from my thinking but I’m more easily able to spot them and resist sharing them.

I still have my private ward.  I prefer it to more sociable areas and it’s easier to hear  my visitors.  I hate my one eared deafness!  I also quite enjoy the solitude option once the visitors leave.  The noise still echoes along the corridor but I feel happy in my own company while retaining the ability to talk to the outside world online.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring.  A CT scan is likely to help clear up any concerns about the cancer spread.  MRI and X-ray results are already outstanding.  I have found, even in hospital, the energy needed to get to and from these tests feels huge.  That’s with a porter pushing me!  I think there’s a chance they might discharge me.  But nobody has suggested this, so I’ll wait.  What a shame I no longer get £100 nightly for an NHS stay paid for by BUPA.

Ill probably sleep early again.  I’m sleeping longer most nights and while that probably isn’t a good thing I’ve not felt keeping myself awake is a good idea either.  Go with the flow.