For a lot of the time I’ve known I’ve had lung cancer I’ve felt OK.  Tired occasionally.  But usually getting on with my retired life as normal.

As the pelvis has lost strength that changed a little.  It’s now over five weeks since my last chemotherapy and, truth be known, I feel rubbish.

A run down feeling where I’m struggling to do anything at pace.  Returning aches to the right side of my right thigh.  Minor pain in what I assume are the tops of both lungs.

From enjoying multiple holidays last year, hence the name of the blog, I’m now keen to squeeze a bit of enjoyment out of my days in.  Getting out is tiring and I need to prioritise appointments before seeing how I feel.  Just getting a lift to a hospital and back is a tougher mission than I’d ever believe.

Today sees an afternoon return to Oncobabe.  I need to ask questions about radiotherapy- why hasn’t it happened?  My biopsy result and how that changes the course of treatment.  And referrals to join medical trials.  Atezolizumab, the new immunotherapy drug she said wasn’t yet available on the NHS even though I knew it was.  I delayed challenging her assertion until the biopsy results are in.  That’s today.

Ultimately I feel pretty ropey.  A few minor aches.  Little get up and go.  Little desire to eat and little desire to do anything.  It’s a circle I’d like to break, but I’m not sure my energy levels are up to it.