Matt, my eldest inherited offspring, came up with a pretty decent Christmas present. Two course meal plus a spa experience including hot tub access.

After snow scuppered attempt one to use it, I took advantage of an open Monday date at the hotel in Wetherby.

Mistake.  It was Easter Monday.  I had to miss Oldham’s late win over Blackpool to take advantage of my pressie.  Next time check the football fixtures.  And know when the bank holiday is.

Not to worry.  It is what it is and when the confirmation email came back saying “for two” I convinced Rachel to join me.  Not tough, to be honest, free food and relaxation seems a winner.

On arrival (big car park, one disabled parking space) we both eat first.  Small menu, but gammon and chocolate cake with ice cream was a decent precursor to getting the swim shorts on and clambering into the hot tub.

Over to the spa.  “It’s only a booking for one sir”.  “But your confirmation email says two”.  I go through a moment of pondering an early departure.  When she tells me the price for the extra person, food, Prosecco, spa, I tend to accept value for money and, while still irritated, reluctantly hand over the credit card.  Rachel suggests we head to the hot tub as the incessant rain is easing off.

Outside.  We hang up our towel and dressing gown.  No shelter.  The drizzle will leave those soaking as we bathe.  I notice something called a “plunge pool”.  A small water filled area with a 6 degree temperature sign.  I’ve no idea what the health benefits are, but I opt for the hot tub.  38 Celsius is preferable to 6.

Next problem.  How to get in?  The hot tub is wooden and whereas the Anglesey retreat has me stepping down to the warm water, this place required climbing over the wooden wall into the hot tub.  Left leg first.  Not bendy enough.  Right leg first, usually my weaker leg.  Eventually just enough movement to get me in, giving me the stability for the left leg to follow.

We lay there for some time enjoying the warm waters.  A small bird singing in the tree above.  Cold rain falling, but not really affecting the experience.  Until we exited.  Another struggle to get out, but I managed it.  Rain dampened towel and dressing gown.  Steam room, sauna, Prosecco and exit.

Check WhatsApp.  Chris providing a match report.  Losing, drawing, late winner.  Punch the air.  Drive home.  A rare stop at a Shell petrol station.  The loyalty card paying out 25 Avios I’ll never use.  Ah well, Chris should inherit them!

It’s amazing how tired a day of eating and relaxation can make you!