It may only be for a few hours, but exiting Anglesey right now is a high risk strategy. I had planned on an evening departure.  But circumstances have put the hot tub out of bounds and I have aspirations to depart early.

Chemotherapy has caused constipation, again.  The laxative dose is up to three sachets a day.  The much welcome relief, alas, has been a little too keen.  At present I’m hopping backwards and forwards between the gents and the shower.  The three hour drive home looks an optimistic challenge, despite a hospital appointment tomorrow.

It isn’t meant to be like this.  The painkillers that had previously caused a similar problem aren’t currently in use.  It’s a cruel twist that chemotherapy has replaced them as a cause of severe discomfort.  Crueller too that my hot tub desires have to be curtailed just in case there’s an accident as a result of a supposedly simple treatment to deal with the condition.

Granted, most reading this probably don’t want a full match report.  But if you, relatives or friends ever find yourselves with a similar problem my sympathy is right there with you.  Along with an emergency towel for sitting on just in case.  No H in “sitting” as yet.  The three sachet dose gives me time to reach nearby facilities …

Glad I held back from the eight sachets a day suggestion online.  That would have been a disaster I’d never recover from!