Eighteen months since Bell’s palsy hit.  Ten months since it deafened my right ear.  Four months since I decided to seek out a specialist.  Five weeks since I was referred to the audiologist I saw today.

His job was to sit me in a booth, play some beeping noises to me and record the results.  I’ve no idea how deaf I am.  I now have to wait for another appointment.  Presumably then I’ll be told if anything can be done.  A hearing aid is presumably about the limit of medical science in my case.

Ive no idea how well I’ve done.  Vague high pitched noise still warranted me pressing the button to say I could hear it.  Whether it was meant to be vague or not I really don’t know.

But I would like my hearing back before I drop.  As well as a straight face!  It’s just nobody seems to be in any sort of rush to progress anything.