The reasons aren’t obvious.  I’m experiencing far less pain at the moment than I have done in previous months.  But for the last few days I’ve had another problem.

Accidentally drop something.  Can’t pick it up.  Post comes through the letterbox.  Can’t pick it up.  Load or unload the dishwasher.  No chance.

My hamstrings don’t want to know.  Medical advice is to minimise moving about due to the weakness of my bones.  A little bit of self-thigh rubbing doesn’t seem to work.  If it lands on the floor I’m unlikely to be the one to pick it up.  Clothing gives me an outside chance of scooping it up with my feet and my arms stretching a little can reach.  But if I knock my bottle of folic acid on the floor I have a problem.

Granted, there are other people at home who could help at a push, but I do prefer to be able to do supposedly simple things for myself.  I also like a modicum of tidiness which means if anything does end up on the floor a little bit of OCD takes over my body.

I suppose I’ve bought the sock putting on device. Next purchase might have to be one of those sticks with a picking up claw on the end.

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