A morning of concern around my right shoulder which has started hurting more and more as the day’s progressed and is currently delivering a significant burning sensation to my body.

Previous attacks on my upper bones have been sharper in sensation.  But this doesn’t feel like I’ve hauled myself up badly.  If I bowled right handed it might reflect the fallout from the first practice session of the cricket season.  But I don’t play cricket.  And, despite upgrading my drug intake to tramadol for the first time in a couple of weeks, it bloody hurts.

I meet Oncobabe tomorrow.  The big concern us that if the cancer is spreading during chemotherapy any short term benefits from the big drug hit are too short term.  My care will change to “drug him up and make him comfortable” rather than trying to buy time.  That slim hope of accessing a drug trial will be all that’s left.

It’s also hit while I’m at Rachel’s.  A day of fun conversation has turned into a day of me lying on the bed suffering.  Not quite what I had in mind.

Another blood test and Oncobabe appointment tomorrow.  Chemotherapy part two Wednesday, along with another dose of the bone strengthening zometa.

I do hope this is just a minor shoulder strain.  But I fear the worst.

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