£2,338.25 raised in three days.  Thank you for every penny contributed.

Today sees a return to Anglesey and that much loved hot tub.  There was probably a time when I’d have quickly become bored of sitting there doing nothing in a pool of hot water.  But it has become an essential part of my therapy in recent months.

Standing, sitting or lying in one place becomes uncomfortable quickly.  My crumbled pelvis to blame apparently.  And quickly adjusting position isn’t something easily done these days.

Hot tub therapy works for me.  The water takes weight off my midriff.  The jets soothe areas of pain.  Oddly now that radiotherapy appears to have removed my tumour pain in the pelvis, a coccyx pain has returned.  Water will hopefully relieve that too.

And with my daily route limited between bedroom, kitchen and hot tub I only have a few yards to move before I can lower myself into the waters.  Granted, a heavy cover needs shifting.  And the step down into the welcoming pool requires an act of balance and care to avoid injury that remains deliverable even on my frailer days.

But the results of just sitting there while my whole body benefits from the waters cannot be compared.  It might not be extending my life, but it’s a simple therapy that brings new comfort to a body that so often struggles to relax as disease has spread.

While Rachel is there the wine and Prosecco will flow and we’ll enjoy time with each other.  After she returns home on Monday a simpler life of cooked breakfast, bathe, dry, eat, repeat will commence.  Less alcohol.  But still time to enjoy the views over fields of new born lambs and forget about dying for a bit.

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