Sometimes when you’re drunk, you just can’t get a tube out of your head.  Despite a severe lack of alcohol, last night saw the chemo drugs place Waltzing Matilda in my head for the night.

Deep sleep would be unwound with the tune going around my head.  Images of dirty clothes from playing football as a kid joined the tune.  Along with long lost relatives sternly telling me off.  Even though most of them never had a bad word to say about me!

A bizarre nighttime ritual that I could do without!  Waltzing bloody Matilda!

If ever a billibong needs shoving where the sun don’t shine, this is it!

There is no doubt that my mind is alive as my head hits the pillow, filled with strange images and dreams that the chemo drugs have put there.  Not just at night either.  Daytime seems filled with similar nonsense as I sleep the hours away.

Its actually a form of torture.  I really could do without it.  Waking every couple of hours to the same tune doesn’t really work for me.

The Chemo Hit