Every now and then, a new pain comes along.  While my pelvic area has taken a battering, the last fresh area to get attacked was my second rib on my right side.  That pain was severe, lasted for a few days and was, eventually, revealed as a cancer spread in a later scan.

The pain that caused has pretty much gone away.  But the cancer remains, presumably waiting to spread or attack again.

Last night, after a wild evening of debauchery with two ladies (that’s a meal and a drink in my life) I got myself into bed, downed my painkillers and struggled to sleep.

While the pelvic pains were mild, the referred pain to the right ankle wasn’t being managed well by the single amitriptyline.  As I sat up to ponder the possibility of doubling my dose, and making myself doolally for the next day, it struck.

The top of my right shoulder exploded with pain.  No sudden movements caused it.  I can only assume it’s cancer. Kit doesn’t feel muscular.  Very much in the bone.

The tramadols were already maxed.  I reached for the oral morphine and, rather than carefully measuring out a 5ml dose I took a swig from the bottle.  Eventually I got a few hours sleep through to 5am.  My bathroom run.  Quickly followed by more tramadol.

The new pain remains though.  With a series of appointments every day through to Wednesday I’m reluctant to bring the slow release morphine tablets in to replace the tramadols.  But needs must and I suspect this will happen tonight.

Now that I’m no longer taking osimertinib I assume I’m at risk to more of this before chemotherapy.  And then more again once chemotherapy stops.  It isn’t much fun.

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