To say the pampering continues would be an understatement.  I’d been promised a very special afternoon tea as a birthday treat.  You know the sort of thing, crustless sandwiches, quiche, scones and cream, a series of cakes and, of course, endless tea from a china tea pot.  And it was delivered with the anticipated quality at Chateau Rhianfa, overlooking the Menai Strait.

Before we departed, I was told to pack for the night.  Here we are, on holiday, and a mini-break seems to have been inserted into the week!  So drugs, pyjamas and a change of undies flew into an overnight bag and we headed to the Chateau.

The setting and the afternoon tea were a joy.  But then came the room.  We ignored the onsite hot tub to relax in our generously sized suite, and gradually finish off the remains of the huge afternoon tea that had been kindly boxed up for us.

The standout feature of the room was in the window.  A bath!  While I pondered the view available to telescope users on Bangor Pier, Rachel closed the curtains, dimmed the lights and ran the bath for me.

Entering and exiting the bath was a challenge for my feeble bones.  But once in, the relaxing joy of the water matched to the ambience of the room worked wonderfully, helping to minimise those unpleasant twinges in my pelvis.

Then sleep.  And a freshly cooked Welsh breakfast.  Which was, oddly enough, identical to an English breakfast.  None of that buffet nonsense.  This was straight from the pan.  And very welcome.

It’s fair to say the good lady surpassed herself with this treat.  Now back to my sister’s gaff.  And more hot tub time.

Pampered – But I Can Feel My Cancer