It’s been a battle stretching over ten months, but the good news is that the ingrowing toenail on my right foot has, after months of treatment and bathing in salty water, been confirmed as fixed by Mr Podiatrist.

It’s the news I’ve been waiting for.  Alas, left big toe still seems to be forming a protective swollen skin around its right side which will, occasionally, bleed a little.  Not ideal when my white blood cells might get a little iffy.  Risk of infection!

Of course there are other things to worry about.  My Bell’s palsy remains, month sixteen for that.  I’m deaf in my right ear.  My right hand can’t grasp a knife properly, presumably some form of repetitive strain injury.  I walk with the aid of a cane.  And lung cancer is going to kill me.

But there is a little bit of joy knowing my right toe is better.  And I’ll grasp any pieces of joy I can from this situation!

Managing the Urge