There are a few exciting events opening up over the next few weeks.  After the New Year Shropshire hot tub experience, this week has been a little more mundane.

A quick look at next week sees plans to deposit cheque refunds from Virgin Trains after their overcrowded run to Southend, see my podiatrist for the first time this year and find out from Oncobabe if I can fly again.  Even if I’m not sure I want to!

There is also the risk that meeting will spell the end of osimertinib which niggles at the back of the mind as that would be much nearer to the end of the road.

I’m fifty in a couple of weeks and have invited family for a birthday Sunday lunch.  That should head off any surprise party.  An informal gathering before a blonde lady whisks me away for a whole week in the Anglesey hot tub.

I’m still to find time to feed the tigers – a leaving gift from work.  The West Country awaits.  I have two free nights from which may aid that.  I hope the stripey creatures are being fed while I sort things out!

Matt, my eldest, also fed my hot tub desires with his gift at Christmas.  An afternoon hot tub and evening meal in Wetherby.  I need to book that.

I’ve also got two other free hotel nights to use up.  One with Hilton and another with Holiday Inn.  I’d usually save those for a driving holiday overseas, but might just be better allocating them to an away day with Chris or a night away with Rachel.

Things to look forward to.  Just not too far forward.

Confused Clearout Mentality