Thanks to everybody who’s read my blog this year.  It’s been a great year, a scary year and a year where I’ve successfully survived when far too many others with the same illness haven’t.

2018 will have similar challenges.  I’m not convinced I’ll do much travel, which is unusual for a travel blog.  But I’ll keep sharing my experiences assuming I can.  And maybe, if I feel stronger, I’ll get myself around Europe again.

It has been a year where I’ve flourished on the support of others.  Some practical, as was evidenced on my trip to and from Plymouth yesterday. Much of it just emotional goodwill.  A social media empathy that has helped keep my spirits up.  The kids and Rachel too.  People who are there for me when needed.  Even if I don’t ask, because sometimes I’m too proud to seek support.

The average lifespan of my current drug osimertinib means I can’t guarantee still being here next Christmas.  But then I suppose none of us can.  We all have a proverbial bus that we might walk under and maybe, just maybe, I can join the small percentage of freaks who have survived for years on this relatively new medication.

In my head, I expect to still be here in December 2018.  And beyond.  Hell, I need to get to April 2019 to save the kids from a big inheritance tax bill!  And despite having found a new level of feeble in recent weeks I’m still hopeful I can keep this evil disease at bay a little longer.

Merry Christmas to friends, readers, acquaintances, former colleagues and schoolmates and whoever else just happens to be reading this.  If there’s one thing this year has taught me it’s that you should do whatever you can to deliver your dreams now.  And not put them off for half a lifetime.

Get out there, be generous to others, and enjoy life.

Does Nobody Think of the Disabled?