Saturday’s away game at Doncaster has given me a couple of really tough days.  To the point where nearly complete rest yesterday seemed to be the only solution.

Hips and lower back sore and weak after the drive and short walk that it entailed.  Compared to last Monday in Anglesey, Monday this week has been uncomfortable.

Short walks around the house have been awkward, as was putting a sock on my dodgy right leg.

At least this week is my hospital week.  Blood tests today.  Zometa bone strengthening Thursday.  Followed by my Christmas reunion with Oncobabe.  Where she’ll hopefully tell me the results of my leg X-ray from three weeks ago.  Oh, and back to the hospital on Friday to collect my drugs.  Then back to the hospital on Thursday after Christmas to have a CT scan.  Jingle bleedin’ bells!

It all seems to be quite demanding.  Driving the thirty minutes each way.  Long walks with stick down hospital corridors that seem never ending these days.  And no post blood-test hot tub or physio to help me recover!  At least I can use the hospital ATM which is now primary location to access cash.

I love a good football away day.  But the train trip to Plymouth this Saturday has the potential to wreck me.

No Michael, I’m 49 and You’ve Naffed Me Off