I’m convinced this island has magical healing qualities.  Ok, the big stuff is beyond it I’m sure, but every time I visit something seems to improve for me.

Last time my aching shoulders stopped aching on our final day here.  Yesterday at the football I was something of a physical wreck.  By the time I got to Anglesey I was tired and slept poorly.  But most of my overnight pains had completely gone.

This has continued throughout today.  Sat in the hot tub I’ve felt little to no pain.  Minimal pins and needles in the right leg.  And I’ve not felt the need for medication.  Much the same out of the hot tub.  I’ve pottered around in reasonable comfort and despite not getting much sleep feel both physically and mentally sharper today.

Granted I’m still doomed.  And yes, my face is still distorted by the evil palsy.  But I feel better and my ingrowing toenails look much improved.

A Terrifying Return to Ice Station Zebra