Eighteen years after I entered the world of online banking, I now have access to my GP via the interwebs.

Over the years I haven’t tended to bother doctors too much.  The occasional bout of tonsillitis, a couple of depressions.  Oh and appendix removal.

So my new world of taking up significant NHS time and resource is alien to me.  It took me some months to get used to my GP having a telephone triage system where they allocated one hour time slots to silly things like “I’m really poorly please can you see me”.  Eventually I got used to the way they work and worked out how to play their system.

The idea of dropping in a repeat prescription request, popping back in two days later and walking it to the next door pharmacy worked for me too.  After all, I’ve had time on my hands.  Although I was vaguely aware of some sort of match up between GP and pharmacy that could be arranged I didn’t need it.  I walked from home to surgery and back too.

But as my immobility has increased, my desire to do such mundane things is beginning to dwindle.  I’m quite excited to be able to go online and request drugs and then drive down to the pharmacy to collect a day or two later.

It’s simpler.  Quicker.  I just need to ensure I don’t waste away from complete lack of movement.  And I’ll find out if my request for more amitriptyline has been accepted soon too!

The NHS Are Sending Me Private