That’s not really a surprise.  While 2% of a small sample of patients showed no tumours after a year on osimertinib, there are no records I can see online that say what happened further down the line to this sample of six.

Oncobabe read out the results of my recent MRI scan and told me the affected bones.  Three in the spine.  The pelvis.  The hip.  I’m sure she mentioned somewhere else too.

The good news is that for now there’s been no further spread.  And hopefully the osimertinib can keep the rest of the nasties from doing unpleasant deeds for some time yet.

But I am definitely damaged.  My right leg is weak and she expects it to remain that way.  She even packed me off for an X-ray to ensure it’s not broken.  As they sent me home, I assume there is no break!

So I can limp from Southend station to Southend United on Saturday.

Playing the Cancer Card