Tuesday saw my bone strengthening treatment in the form of introveneous zometa.  Last month, four days later, I suffered some agonising pain from the same treatment.

Wednesday night I felt minor pain developing in my hips.  As a panic measure I reached for the morphine pills.  Just one.  It either worked as required or no notable pain was going to materialise anyway.  Most likely the other.

But it wiped out my Thursday.  A day filled with voids of nothingness, sleep and a bit of Star Trek Voyager somehow being successful at bringing sound through my headphones.

I did nothing useful.  I was wiped out.  A key reminder that I really should only use this drug in extreme circumstances.  Worse still, googling morphine this morning and I discover it destroys your teeth and might encourage … the spread of cancer!

I suppose if I’m in pain and close to the end that might be a good thing.  For now though, I might put the pills on the other side of the room.  Then I’ll need effort to take one!

Flying to Finland – or Not!