Today has been a day of little breakthroughs.  A hot and steamy lunch date where it popped halfway through.  My left ear that is.  A minor achievement where I’d estimate my hearing improved from 10% of normal to 15%.

This coincided with being social and, in the main, being able to converse without too much head tilting and only occasion use of the word “pardon”.

My severe shoulder injury has all but gone too.  Presumably it’s not more cancer or a severe rotator cuff injury.  Just a strain that has eased away.

The evening saw a tea date.  Although Graham isn’t quite as hot.  I got into the town centre early for a key banking transaction.  I deposited my cheque for 23p.  Amazingly, sent by first class post!  I also let the bank know my “new” address.  A good idea as it has been over two years since I moved.  They asked for ID confirming the address.  There’s a catch 22 situation waiting to happen there if the bank is the first place you tell if your new abode!

Then back to the pub to catch up on the madness of the world and the workplace I’d left behind over a year ago.

Monday last week I needed a walking stick.  Today, despite an element of slowness in my movement, I’ve felt really quite good about it.  Ease with stairs.  Little to no pain whatsoever.  And not feeling like I’ve been to the end of the world and back when, in reality, I probably covered no more than 600 metres.

I can’t take this for granted though.  I do still have pins and needles in my right foot.  There are still spinal scan results to come.  Maybe it’s just a short term hot tub benefit that will wear off.

But finding this new spring in my step has been lovely.  Hopefully it can last.

Planning Ahead