I’ve been doing ok with a bedtime naproxen and minimal pain.  Yesterday rather undid that.  My walk, which not that long ago had become free again, has slowed to a limp.  The right leg doesn’t want to play.

Lying in bed now hurts unless I get my rump angle spot on.  I think there’s a sensitivity from a tumour, that’s presumably a shrunken version of the big so and so that prompted my medication change.  Last night I also felt as if somebody was drilling a hole into my pelvis.

This could all be in my head.  I have had a pelvic tumour.  That’s presumably damaged the bone.  But whatever is going on did hurt for a time last night.  New pain automatically leads me to worry the drug is failing already.  Unlikely but not impossible.

It’s possible that the Oncobabe theory of new spine damage has mileage in it.  Whether the NHS would be willing to fix that if found, I don’t know.  I miss my BUPA at times like this!

It is all quite annoying.  For a few days osimertinib gave me a new lease of life.  While it might still be doing what it’s meant to do, other damage has already hit me.

Not Fearing the Scan Results