The medical appointments are coming thick and fast at the moment.  Oncobabe used to be every six weeks and is now every four weeks.  Zometa bone strengthening is every four weeks.  Pain relief calls with my GP.  Podiatry is currently weekly.  Things like flu jab, late night dash to collect anti biotics are one offs but there seem to be an increase in the one offs.  I need to ask the GP to refer my deaf right ear to a specialist.  The eye clinic have decided they want to see my Bell’s palsy afflicted eye again too.

I’m sure there are other appointments I’ve overlooked too.  As a younger, healthier man I never thought I’d be one of those people who had everything going wrong.  At least not until I’d got well past state retirement age.

It’s a good job I’m no longer working.  Equally, it’s acting as a hit of a hold on my UK travel ideas.  The top end of Scotland is getting colder.  It remains a long drive.  And I’ve not been able to find a time slot to fit it into, unless I try to do a seven hour drive in a day.  I don’t think that’s beyond me yet, but I have no intention of finding out.

Maybe a few more long distance train trips for football are in order.  I do have another Anglesey weekend lined up too.  But I have a niggling worry that the minor stuff like ingrowing toenails will inhibit me more than my cancer.

Next Stop: An MRI Scan