It’s my toughest challenge yet.  While I’m more than happy to fill these pages with tales of lower league football and excitement at a small football club in the north west of England going through a good phase, it doesn’t escape the fact that my travel planning has stopped dead.

In five days I will take a judgement call on Australia.  A conversation with Oncobabe is needed first though.  My own reading an research is telling me I may well spend tine next week unwinding the booking.

I have been enjoying memories of trips I have taken.  Ljublana remains my favourite solo trip and I recommend the Slovenian capital to all.  Iceland, Chile and South West USA top my accompanied travel.  Despite the last two being mobility impaired.  Easter Island, Grand Canyon by helicopter and watching Chris drive confidently through Chile particular highlights.

Finding myself in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, without knowing the wonder of the destination I was heading to was also a treat.  The lack of infrastructure adding to the appeal for me.

But these places have gone now.  When I know about flying rules next week I might just start making new bookings.  At home or abroad.

It’s the Anniversary of Lots