It’s strange how pain relief work.  I spent the early hours chucking a range of prescribed drugs into my system with very little relief at all.

It’s also strange how this pain evolved.  Hard on the hips. Then it moved to my thighs.  Deep in the bone I’d guess.  Then it moved up one side of my lower back.  Then I became pain free.  Several hours after the excruciating, sleep depriving pain had begun.

I can theorise to my heart’s content around cause.  Favoured theory is the Zoneta bone strengthening drug is wandering around my body doing its stuff.

Feared theory is it’s a new cancer attack on my bones.  The early success of my osimertinib pulls would make this unlikely.

Final theory is that lots of little tumours, not visible on CT scans, are decomposing and rotting in my system and my body is attacking them.

Whatever the truth, it bloody hurt for several hours and now it doesn’t.  But I’ve spent the day sleeping, presumably motphine induced.  10.30am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm.  I wish it had been more effective through the night rather than waiting for the pain to leave before helping me rest.

Here’s hoping for no repeat tonight.

A Night on the Rack