I am awake in the early hours for the second night running.  Because my thigh hurts.  Tonight is a little worse than it was last night.

Paracetamol and ibuprofen have made no difference.  Sleep would be appreciated but this discomfort is making that difficult.  It doesn’t feel the same as my last tumour, recently zapped by osimertinib.  But it’s fairly close to the area that tumour made home.

Which raises the question.  What is causing my pain?

Fear would say new tumours.  The fact the most recent incumbent stopped hurting a week ago suggests to my untrained mind that it isn’t to blame.  Unlikely to be happening.  But the fact it’s pain that’s most extreme at night mirrors the cancer pains of old.

Layman biology thinks I’ll have gaps where the tumour was, combined with tissue damage to bones, muscle and nerves.  I never studied biology to a qualification though.  So what would I know?  Would that hurt?

Targeted google searches throw up a theory that the tumour itself, having been successfully zapped, is now decaying.  That decay is being targeted by my body slowly cleaning itself and that is what’s causing my discomfort.

I might throw a couple of my remaining tramadol down my throat.  Perhaps washed down with a tea spoon of liquid morphine for a quick hit pain relief.

Theres nothing agonising going on. But I really want to sleep.  A few good nights have suddenly stalled.

At least I still have my movements back.

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